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At Soul Creative Circle, I aim to provide participants with a safe space in which they feel held, heard and empowered to be creative and express themselves authentically.

I am very passionate about the sheer potential the valleys hold and aim to work towards helping people see that within themselves. I believe that we all have the power to improve our mindsets & ‘self heal’, but there needs to be safe and supportive spaces in which to do this from.

That is where Soul Creative Circle can help...

I'm Liz, mum of 1, partner to Gaz, trained teacher, menstrual cycle coach (in training) and circle facilitator. I am based in Bargoed, South Wales and began Soul Creative Circle as a passion project in February 2021, after deciding I wanted others to experience the pure power that sitting in our own creativity can have on our wellbeing.

My first hand experience of participating in circles, workshops and creative journaling sessions has allowed me to work through periods of grief, trauma, change, stress and anxiety within my life.

Working through these methods, has allowed me both time and space to reflect on myself and my mental health in gentle and safe ways - truly helping me step into my own power and potential. And now, I want to facilitate this for others...

Find out more about me and how I came to this work here.

The services that I offer are ever evolving in order to meet the changing demands of wellbeing work needed within our communities. Each service offers a unique perspective on using creativity to boost wellbeing, self-confidence and improve mental health.

My business is split up into different areas, so that various community groups can access the information that they need to with ease.

Soul Creative Circle (where it all originated)

Soul Creative Mamas

Soul Creative Schools

Soul Creative Cycles

All workshops & sessions use creative activities, creative journaling, materials and prompts to help participants to get the most out of their Soul Creative experience as possible.

Participants do not need to have any creative experience and are encouraged to place their self expectation at the door.

I am flexible and dynamic in my ability to plan sessions to a brief, so the options as to where this can go are limitless.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss how we can better the wellbeing of our communities together, Liz x