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About Me...

I am Liz, founder and facilitator at Soul Creative Circle. I live and work in South Wales. I am an extroverted introvert with a love of nature and a passion for creating confidence and connections in other people. A creative brain with a pragmatic streak - I never try to me anything more than myself and love to bring that out in others too.

As a trained teacher (BA Childhood and Education Studies & PGCE) I have worked within the valleys communities in South Wales & deprived communities in the West Midlands for over 12 years. Very early on in my studies, I developed a passion for socioeconomic factors and their psychological effects on an individuals motivation and wellbeing. My interest for this led me to compiling a research study (based on socioeconomic factors and motivation to learn) which was successfully published as part of a project by University of Wolverhampton.

After qualifying as a teacher, I saw first hand the need to ensure pupils (and communities) were opened up to opportunities to see a bigger picture for themselves, but this was often tarnished by deeply ingrained social cycles. Soon, I began using talking circles as a means to help my pupils connect and open up in a less formal way. In 2016, I was lucky enough to train in Restorative Approaches, with WRAP, which further enhanced my ability and passion for circle work.

After a sudden and traumatic loss in my personal life, I began using online wellbeing circles as a way to aid myself through a very difficult period. Alongside talk therapy, I joined a woman's journal circle and the positive effect it had on my life and the lives of most participants was immeasurable. Using some of the prompts I had been given in my circles, I started using these methods with pupils and once again, this elevated the power of the circles I already held in classes and participants found they began to understand themselves when given time to think more clearly, away from the distractions of life. I soon began creating my own prompts for my classes and using journal sessions regularly to enhance pupils' wellbeing. Alongside this, I began to run informal journal circles online for women under the name ‘Soul Creative Circle’.

My passion continued to grow the more impact I saw this kind of work having on the people I delivered it to. And so, I felt compelled to begin working towards delivering this kind of work on a bigger scale - beyond the classroom.

Subsequently, this led me to studying and completing a qualification in ‘Creating Circles’ in 2021, which is a course in holding space professionally and leading circles for wellbeing with adults. Recently, I have also established myself as an affiliated member of the Maternal Journal movement, a global collective who promote journal sessions specifically to aid maternal mental health and wellbeing.

In addition to this, I am also currently studying to be an accredited menstrual cycle coach plus self led additional diplomas in ‘Journal Therapy’ and 'Art Therapy'. I have a love for learning and believe it is important to further my knowledge and understanding of the incredible benefits of this type of reflective, personal work, I will always continue to develop my knowledge and improve my practice in this area.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have an questions about what I offer, or if you would like to book sessions. If you want to just have a chat about what I do, I am always open to messages on my social media accounts.

Liz x