The services that I offer are ever evolving in order to meet the changing demands of wellbeing work needed within our communities. Each service offers a unique perspective on using creativity to boost wellbeing, self-confidence and improve mental health.

All workshops & sessions use creative activities, creative journaling, materials and prompts to help participants to get the most out of their Soul Creative experience as possible. Participants do not need to have any creative experience and are encouraged to place their self expectation at the door.

Wellbeing Workshops

Soul Creative Wellbeing Workshops are one off or block booked sessions based on briefs or project aims specified by clients. This service is adaptable and workshops/projects can be tailored to specific objectives and aims. These can be one off sessions or block booked projects that work towards specific goals.

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Journal Circles

Soul Creative Journal Circles are open sessions held within community spaces (or online), with differing aims each session.

They are aimed at those who want to be supported in a journey of self acceptance and self discovery through journaling and I aim to meet circle members where they are at without judgement.

I am always looking for community groups who would like to use my services and also spaces to hire and set up journal circles across the Valleys. Please feel free to contact me via email should my work interest you.

Soul Creative Online Circles are held once a month and are limited to 15 participants. There are free and pay as you feel tickets and they are available so that the circle is inclusive of all economic backgrounds. They take a similar form to face to face sessions.

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Maternal Journal

Maternal Journal sessions are creative journal sessions

However, they are slightly different in that they are affiliated and use the resources of the award-winning global community movement 'Maternal Journal' which promotes the use of creative journaling to boost wellbeing in pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

Within the sessions I aim to share creative tools and techniques to support the huge changes, joys and challenges we go through in pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

Babes in arms and prams are welcome to these sessions.

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Menstrual Cycle Coaching