What are Circles?

For centuries people have been coming together to celebrate the highs of life, commemorate the low ones, and generally strengthen the bonds of communities through conversation and shared experiences. But as society has become more fragmented, and the pace and demands of life have become ever more hectic, it’s increasingly harder for people, from all walks and stages of life, to converge and share a space where they can grow and learn together.

Circles are spaces that can enable people to be heard and held - it is sacred, saved time to invest in ourselves and others, creating deep connections, supporting wellbeing and mental health.

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What happens at Soul Creative Circles?

Each session consists of opening and closing exercises, such as meditation and breath work to help us settle into the space and leave behind daily baggage. I then provide a list of prompts which help to inspire thoughts and reflections, and then participants have time to create their responses with material provided.

There is no expectation to create a perfect product by the end of each session and the mantra of “process over product” is key to this work having maximum impact for its participants.

There is always time to share to end the session, but never pressure to do so.

There are no expectations to be any other way than you are and no limits as to how or what you can create in your own journals - it is a very personal practice.

I aim to ensure the space I hold feels safe and comfortable for all...and of course, there is tea and cake!

If you would like me to discuss running a circle in your space, please contact me soulcreativecircle@gmail.com