Soul Creative Mamas - Maternal Journal Affiliated groups

After becoming a mother myself, I truly understand the highs and lows that parenthood can throw at you. It is an unpredictable ride that can leave you feeling isolated, in need of support and exhausted, alongside joyous and full of love - it can be so confusing. There is little support out there for parents and MJ groups can help to fill this gap.

My Soul Creative Mama - Maternal Journal groups provide an outlet for all feelings surrounding parenthood and introduce you to a community of like minded others, who want to create and have space to be themselves.

Babes in arms, prams and slings welcome...

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Founders of Maternal Journal recommend this practice because...

"Parenthood is the greatest. It's also amazingly challenging in all kinds of unexpected ways for different types of people. We're expected to casually stroll into motherhood and parenthood while trying to get our heads around a million new ways to do things and keep our new emotions in check. Holding it all together, preferably with a smile, can be kind of exhausting.

Journaling is well-known for its positive benefits on mental health and wellbeing. It also plays a big part in the history of women's creativity. A journal can be anything from scrap paper to a full-blown diary. You can carry it with you, throw it about, journal on your own, with friends and fit it in around your hectic parenting schedule.

It really doesn't matter if you haven't journaled before - it is an outlet." Maternal Journal Website 2021

Take a look at the video below for more information on what Maternal Journal is and what it does...

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