Menstrual Cycle Education

& Cycle Coaching

I am a Certified Menstrual Cycle Coach (in training) and offer a variety of services to help women and people with periods to live more in harmony with their body’s natural rhythm.

Through my services as a menstrual cycle (period) coach. I aim to provide a wealth of knowledge to empower women of all ages to live in the flow of their hormones and gain a handle on the highs and lows of life with a womb.

I offer:

  • Cycle tracking workshops

  • Mother & Daughter Menstruality Workshops.

  • Pre-menstruation education for schools & commuinity groups.

  • Menarche circles (for young girls to gain confidence to discuss their bleeds).

  • Peri/Menopause circles

  • MEN-Struation workshops to help men understand the ins and outs of the female cycle.

  • 1-2-1 coaching sessions to deepen your understanding of your cycle & why you feel the way you do throughout.