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My passion as a teacher for over 12 years was empowering young people and ensuring that their wellbeing needs were met. Now, more than ever we need to work hard to ensure that children aren't just given simple tools such as breathing excercises and mindfulness techniques, but are taught how to recognise, discuss and critically work with their own behaviours and emotions openly and honestly for better wellbeing of future societies.

Soul Creative School sessions are designed to do just that with the Curriculum for Wales underpinning all elements of my work.

Soul Creative School sessions will lead to pupils developing fundamental skills in order to help them navigate life's opportunities and challenges.

Sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of the Health & Wellbeing AoLE, RSE code & tackle issues with social media and digital citizenship.

Meeting Curriculum Demands

All sessions are underpinned by 4 Core Purposes of the Curriculum for Wales.

  • Each session is rooted in creativity alongside reflection, mindfulness, conversation and communication skills (active listening techniques & reflection) in order to develop pupils' confidence in fulfilling their true potential, enabling them to meet their own mental health needs - supporting them to become healthy, confident individuals.

  • Through personal reflection, creative journaling and sharing thoughts and feelings clearly, pupils will be guided to develop resilience, empathy and growth mindset skills - supporting them to become ambitious and capable learners.

  • Active listening techniques are key to the work done through Soul Creative Schools and pupils will be guided to develop an understanding of the importance of active listening as a form of respecting one anothers views about the world in which they live - supporting them to become ethical, informed citizens.

  • Through enabling learners to express ideas and emotions creatively (free from expectation or judgment), pupils will develop a deeper understanding of their emotions, they will feel empowered to maintain healthy relationships with themselves and others, and they will learn a freer way of geenrating/expressing ideas - supporting pupils to become enterprising, creative contributors ready to play a full part in life and work.

What would Soul Creative Schools project look like in my school?

  • Below is an example pathways of what 6 sessions for Upper Key Stage 2/Key Stage 3 could look like.

  • Bespoke pathways and projects can be created to suit age and needs of learners on discussion with Head/Wellbeing Leads etc.

  • Sessions are best delivered in half day (2 hours) slots, but could be condensed to suit timetabling needs.

  • The creative element of the sessions could be paper based or digital, using Adobe Creative Cloud which pupils have access to via HWB.

N.B Any technology required for creative elements of sessions will need to be supplied by the school, pupils will need to know log in details for HWB and they will need to have used Adobe Creative Express previous to the session.

If you would like me to come and work in your school, you have an enquiry about prices or would like more information about Soul Creative Schools, please contact me via email

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Soul Creative Schools example project document